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Engine Repair Services

Engine Car Repairs in Peoria, AZOur engine car repairs and car service includes an engine diagnostics evaluation. Our car service company will check engine performance and preform an electrical diagnose and check the fuel and ignition systems of the vehicle as well as diagnose all check engine lights and provide a complete estimate and evaluation. We will check your fuel system and repair any needed parts. Replacement of fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel lines and filters is offered by our car service company in Peoria, AZ.

We check and repair all Ignition systems, distributors, cap and rotors. We also check and repair coil over’s, spark plugs and wires. Other car repairs offered are any and all engine computers, cam and crank sensors, and o2-sensors. Our Arizona car service can provide carburetor rebuilding and adjustments for complete car service.

Car repairs at our AZ car service company include: Engine repair, engine over hauls and replacements. We check cylinder head gaskets to include servicing any timing belts and timing chains, water pumps, crank and cam shafts. We repair and check all engine reseals, engine mounts, intake gaskets, valve cover gaskets, valve adjustments, and valve seals. Additional checks include oil pan gaskets, rear and front crank shaft seals and oil changes to complete your Arizona car repair service and maintenance.

We Offer Emissions Testing!

Our car service includes full emissions diagnoses and repairs. Electrical repair, smoke test ( pressure test ), evap lines, fuel tank repair and replacements pressure sensors, purge valves, charcoal canisters, vent solenoids. We also provide Carburetor adjustment and rebuilding services at this car service store in Arizona.

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“I’ve been going to Mike’s for 3 years now and my wife for 8 years for different cars we owned Honda Lexus Toyota Acura and Mike has always taken care of us, honest reliable fast turnaround times great customer service I highly recommend him ! Thanks Mike”

Anthony Villalpando

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