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Tuneup for your car in Arizona

Getting your tuneup at a trusted car repair shop in Arizona can sometimes be a bit stressful. That’s where we come in to save you time and money. Michael’s Auto Repair located in Peoria, AZ offers tuneup services as well as many other affordable car repair services.

Having your auto tune up done by a professional trusted car shop is vital to the life if your car. If you’re as passionate about cars as we are then you’ll know as soon as you meet Michael that you’re in good hands for your car tuneup.

When do I need an oil change?

Best Tune up in AZ

Michael’s Auto Repair offers tuneup services on all types of car models as well as trucks. Located in Peoria since 2003 we have been offering tune-up services on cars and trucks and have been the number one source for auto tune-up services in Arizona at affordable prices. We value your business and always offer the right price for a tuneup on your car or truck.

Car Tune Up Specials

Check our car repair website often for discount and special offers on car tuneup services. Find the best deal for your car tuneup by visiting our car discount special offers page and downloading the special offer coupons when available for car tune up’s.

Is your Check Engine Light On?

Stop in or call us today to schedule a visit to have a certified repair technician analyze or diagnose your car tuneup service needs. If the check engine light flashes, the condition is more severe and must be checked immediately to prevent catalytic converter or other major damage to your car. Get a tuneup right away by a professional car repair mechanic.

Don’t continue to suffer from poor engine performance!

Come to Michael’s Auto Repair for an Arizona tuneup today! Regular tune-ups are the key to optimal performance and we can help you with your next Arizona tune-up at our car repair and tuneup shop in Peoria, AZ!

Here’s what you can expect at Michael’s Auto Repair with your Tuneup:


  • Air Filter Inspection – a dirty or clogged air filter is one of the leading causes of poor engine performance and our certified mechanics start with this to see if it’s causing any problems with your car or truck.
  • Comprehensive Service – we will then replace air and fuel filters, PCV valves, and spark plugs on your vehicle.
  • Complete Auto Repair Services – in addition to tune-ups we can also help you with specialized repairs, routine maintenance and anything in between needed for your car or truck.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee – we will do everything make sure you are always satisfied because if you aren’t, let us know and we will try to make it right. At Michael’s Auto Repair you will always be treated as you where are one and only customer every time you visit our car repair shop. We know we’ll always be your choice for car and truck tuneup services in Arizona. Call us today and let us take care of your auto repair and tune-up needs.

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