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Our Arizona car service company is proud to offer you many car service choices when it comes to your needs. We offer car repairs to the Phoenix, AZ metro area and look forward to your future business. Our car service company is ASE Certified and an A+ Rating Better Business Bureau Accredited Member since 2009.

We value your business and promise to provide the best and most affordable car repairs and car service for your car in Arizona.

Engine Car Repairs

Transmission Diagnostics & Repair

Electrical Car Repair Services

Brake System Car Service

Cooling System Car Service

Steering & Suspension Car Services

A/C Service

We offer A/C repair and maintenance services at our Arizona car service shop. Our car service includes: A/C Service Check, a/c performance checks which includes checking for leaks, condition of belts and hoses. A/C diagnoses of electrical systems like automatic climate controls and other electrical components are checked and repaired if needed. All car repairs and car service work is performed by a professional ASE certified specialist technician. We offer discount car service special offers which can be

We offer repairing and retro fitting systems on all makes and models of cars.

Car service includes heating diagnose and repair. We check heater performance and electrical systems like the automatic climate controls vent operations of the vehicle. Our car repairs will include heater cores and hoses as well as heater control valves for preventative maintenance. Doing so will reduce the chance of future car repairs.

Transmission Car Repairs

We perform professional car service repairs on drive axles, and provide transmission flushing and service on all makes and models of cars. We offer power steering car services as well.

Car Service Oil Changes

We are known for quick affordable oil changes and tire rotation services in Arizona. We feature quality oil changes and oil filters replacement services. Our car service includes air filters, fuel filters, and cabin filter replacement and maintenance service. We offer a complete vehicle inspection and professional tire rotation service for all your car service needs. We also mount and balance all types of car and truck tires.30k-60k and 90k services.

Cooling System Car Service

Receive a certified cooling system diagnose and car repair satisfaction with every visit to our car service repair shop in Arizona. We check all electrical systems and mechanical systems such as fan clutches and electric fans. We will provide a cooling system flush and if needed radiator replacement parts and service. We will check the thermostat of the cooling system as well as check all belts, hoses and water pumps. All work is performed by a certified ASE technician and all car service work includes our warranty.

Engine Car Repairs

Our engine car repairs and car service includes an engine diagnostics evaluation. Our car service company will check engine performance and preform an electrical diagnose and check the fuel and ignition systems of the vehicle as well as diagnose all check engine lights and provide a complete estimate and evaluation.

We will check your fuel system and repair any needed parts. Replacement of fuel injectors, fuel pumps, fuel lines and filters is offered by our car service company in Peoria, AZ. We check and repair all Ignition systems, distributors, cap and rotors.

We also check and repair coil over’s, spark plugs and wires. Other car repairs offered are any and all engine computers, cam and crank sensors, and o2-sensors. Our Arizona car service can provide carburetor rebuilding and adjustments for complete car service.

Car repairs at our AZ car service company include: Engine repair, engine over hauls and replacements. We check cylinder head gaskets to include servicing any timing belts and timing chains, water pumps, crank and cam shafts. We repair and check all engine reseals, engine mounts, intake gaskets, valve cover gaskets, valve adjustments, and valve seals. Additional checks include oil pan gaskets, rear and front crank shaft seals and oil changes to complete your Arizona car repair service and maintenance.

We Offer Emissions Testing!

Our car service includes full emissions diagnoses and repairs. Electrical repair, smoke test ( pressure test), evap lines, fuel tank repair and replacements pressure sensors, purge valves, charcoal canisters, vent solenoids. We also provide Carburetor adjustment and rebuilding services at this car service store in Arizona.

Transmission Diagnostics & Repair

We offer full service automatic transmission service, filters, flushing and reseals. Transmission cooler installs, replacements. Manual transmission, reseals, clutches, master and slave cylinders, mounts. We service and repair four wheel drives, transfer case’s reseals and rebuilding, diagnose electric four wheel drive systems. Drive line service, replacing u-joints, C.V. axles. We offer rebuilding of drive axles front or rear, resealing and servicing of the drive axle.

ABS Car Repairs

We offer ABS diagnoses and repair, abs pump and modules, wheel speed sensors and dump valves.

Brake System Car Service

Our car repair company services all brake systems to include fluid flushing. Resurfacing and replacing rotors and drums, brake pads and shoes. We repair brake lines, master cylinders and wheel cylinders. Our car service inspects and repairs brake boosters and hydro boosters. We service wheel bearings as well at our Arizona car service business.

Steering & Suspension Car Services

We will inspect and repair your steering and suspension system. We offer steering column repair, diagnosing of electric steering and suspensions as well at our AZ repair shop. We will check all steering boxes, rack and pinions, power steering pumps. We offer repairing and replacement of power steering lines, hoses, and rag joints. We provide power steering flushing. Our car service includes; replacing of idler arms, tie rods, drag links and pitman arms.

For suspension repair we replace and service ball joints, control arm bushings, front and rear. We check and replace shocks, struts and coils as needed. We will check and repair all leaf springs and conversion kits. We will diagnose your air ride control system, conversion kits, air struts and electrical system with our Arizona car repair services.

Electrical Car Repair Services

Our car service includes the diagnosing of power windows and power locks, window regulators power and manual, window switches. We will also check and repair other electrical components if needed with our car repair service offerings.

Please contact our car repairs service shop for more information on car repairs and please let us know how we can be of assistance to your car service repair needs in Phoenix, AZ. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your business.

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“I’ve been going to Mike’s for 3 years now and my wife for 8 years for different cars we owned Honda Lexus Toyota Acura and Mike has always taken care of us, honest reliable fast turnaround times great customer service I highly recommend him ! Thanks Mike”

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