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At Michael’s Auto Repair in order to assess the condition of the brake system, it is necessary to perform a brake evaluation on all four wheels during any car brake service. All four wheels and brake components are evaluated and discussed with every customer at our car brake service shop located in Peoria, AZ. All four wheels will be removed from the vehicle, measured and the condition of the braking components recorded so you know exactly what to expect with your car brake service.

You accelerate. Your car goes. But when you apply the brakes, what happens? Does it stop firmly, when and where you want it to? It’s inevitable: if you keep your vehicle long enough, you’ll need some brake service repairs done. The key is to know the symptoms of brake service problems to prevent your brakes from being worn down or developing other brake service issues sooner than they should. At Michael’s Auto Repair will help educate you on your brake service system, so you can let us maintain your brakes before they get too bad — and before you have to spend more money than necessary to get them fixed.

How you’re Car Brake System Works

To sum up your stopping power, here’s a little info about how a brake system works. When you press the brake pedal it depresses the cylinder, delivers brake fluid to the calipers to activate your brake pads. The pads then make contact with the rotors creating friction and stopping your car. It’s a complicated process involving many parts working together to perform one important function. No worries, though, because your Michael’s Auto Repair technician already knows all of this information. More importantly, they know how to repair your brakes whenever there is a problem with the car brake service system.

Screeching, grinding, squealing, rubbing, and other ear piercing noises: Sound familiar? Using your ears is the most common way you know you have a brake problem. Bad sounds suggest that your brake pads (or shoes) may be worn down. Don’t ignore those cries for help: bring your car in to Michael’s Auto Repair and we’ll perform a car brake service inspection. This includes inspecting your brake pads, rotors and other vital brake system components, and offering a solution if something requires repair on your car.

Let’s have a heart-to-heart: brake work can be expensive because the system is so intricate. There are many components involved including the most common brake problem culprit: worn rotors. If you let the brake pads wear down to the rotors there will be nothing there to protect the rotors when stopping, thus wearing them thin. And when rotors get too thin, you’ll need them replaced. This is one of the most expensive parts of the brake system to replace, but also vital to its performance. But most times if you get your brakes checked out before the pads wear down to the rotor, you’ll be in much better position to save some money on car brake service repairs.

Get a Car Brake Service Inspection today!

It May Save You Some Money

Car Brake service repair doesn’t have to be expensive if you catch a potential brake service problem early. Before you hear or feel signs of brake trouble have us perform a car brake service inspection. We recommend getting your brakes inspected at least once a year if not more. So the next time you get your tires rotated (every 5,000-10,000 miles) you might as well get your brakes checked too. If you wait too long and extensive damage occurs to your brake system components (like replacing worn rotors) it can cost significantly more to fix it as opposed to just needing, say, a simple brake pad replacement. During the inspection, Michael’s Auto Repair will check all the vital brake components and officially diagnose any problems that might be present with your car brake service system. And a brake inspection is free. Just ask the certified technician at the car repair store when you stop by.

We offer car brake service discounts at Michael’s Auto Repair and we are conveniently located in Peoria, AZ Just east of the 101 on 91st Ave just South of Grand Ave. Stop in today or call our car brake service shop at (623) 931-8888 and let one of our certified car brake service technicians evaluate your brake system repair needs.

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